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to run down an officer. it happened in san francisco's bring sidio on lincoln avenue. united states park police officers say they saw a man trying to break into a car. when they tried to stop him, police said he got into another car and then tried to run the officer down. police fired at the suspect, but he got away. lincoln boulevard was closed while investigate -- while officers investigated that. san francisco's suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi will find out tuesday if he keeps his job. the mayor suspended america after he pled guilty to charges in march coming from a domestic dispute with his wife on new onw new year's eve. he will keep his job unless nine supervisors vote to fire him. so far most supervisors have been mum about how they will vote tuesday. >>> this morning occupy protesters are camped out at city hall had after police decided in the middle of the night to allow them to stay. it always havoc pooer protesters were in city hall last year. the group plans to stay there until at least noon today. about ten protesters remained after police left the scene about 1:00 this mo
of the united states! [ cheering and applause ] >> outside there were about 75 protesters including anti-war activists, and a handful of tea party support chanted four more weeks. a live report from amy hollyfield coming up in 30 minutes. >>> the race appears to be tightening at this point. mitt romney gained popularity and votes following the debate wednesday. a poll of registered voters shows romney has reached his highest personal popularity of the campaign his favorability rate something 47% compared to 51%. president obama's rating 55% see him as favorable compared to 44% unfavorable. new pew poll shows mitt romney leading president obama among likely voters romney with 49% compared to 45% for the president, romney's biggest gains are from women voters. the race is adding more pressure to the vice presidential debate. watch it live here on abc7, thursday starting at 6 p.m.. former president clinton will be in the region today he's scheduled to appear at a campaign event at uc davis where he will endorse four northern california candidates for congress including incumbent mcinnerney.
security threat to the united states. year long investigation found the companies are influenced by the chinese government and the telecommunications gear they sell may be compromised. the report to be released this morning vices recollection lay fors to block attempts by the -- two companies to expand in america. >>> cupertino-based apple not responding to conflicting reports about problems at foxconn where iphones and many other gadgets are made. foxconn denies workers staged a strike friday to protest conditions. advocacy group says there i was work stoppage that temporarily paralyzed production. workers set to be upset with tighter standards imposed. >>> venezuela's president chavez has won reelection. people were celebrating in caracas overnight it is his closest race yet after a bitter campaign in with it opposition accused him of unfairly using venezuela's oil wealth and total control of state institutions to his advantage. chavez has ruled that country for 14 years. >>> hundreds of venezuelan nationals were able to vote at the consulate in san francisco yesterday. they la
in 7 days we are going to elect mitt romney the next president of the united states of america. >> the president and mitt romney are off the trail prepping for their third and final debate. >> this one i think matters because it's in effect the tiebreaker. >> the monday night showdown will focus on for yen policy which has taken a back seat to the economy and other domestic issues. but a contentious exchange over libya in the last debate suggested a potential for more fireworks. >> for yen policy doesn't always attract people's attention in campaigns but it is what really matters in a presidency. >> with just over three weeks before election day you could get whip lashed reading the policy. the polls show the race unchanged since yesterday. but in three key battleground midwest states, the president has the lead. >> we don't have all that much data right now, believe it or not. we don't have that much public data. the campaigns have a lot of information. we don't. >> that's why the schedules are the clearest katetors where the race will be decided and both campaigns are narrowi
said russia. >> when talking about trade with china they argued over united states jobs and auto industry. latest poll has president obama with a slim one point lead heading into the election. >>> a man in custody for beating an elderly woman nearly to death for no reason. it happened saturday afternoon at stockton and sacramento streets in chinatown in san francisco. witnesses say the 94-year-old was walking a man came up behind her and started punching her in the head she fell and struck her head on the pavement. witnesses say he frequently hung out in the area they describe him as unstable. doctors say the woman's injuries are life-threatening. >>> families of two murder victims join vallejo police today in offering a $10,000 reward to find the killers. investigators believe someone targeted the two on septemberth. witnesses say they heard -- september 6th. witnesses say they heard gunshots mills was six months pregnant with twins. >>> today san mateo county could take the first step toward banning plastic bags the board is expected to introduce a bag ban tonight. it would onl
to him as an eczema reason. >> i'm a sergeant in the united states marine corps, just serving in a different uniform. >> in livermore, tim daily, news 10. >> i have a friend who says once a marine, always a marine. all right. what's going on weather-wise around here? >> we are looking at fog in the north bay. visibility reduced in novato to less than a quarter mile. but elsewhere it looks pretty good. in the city you will notice that is looks nice and clear. the sun is up at 7:10. setting 6:44. but santa rosa reporting half-mile visibility. sfo8 miles and we are looking at patchy fog throughout mill valley, the waldo grade, and also the golden gate bridge. so live doppler 7 hd shows some of the clouds moving into the peninsula and the south bay so we will call it partly cloudy overall and a mix of clouds and sun once again today. temperatures running a little cool for this time of year but probably getting used to that. take a look in napa and santa rosa. mid-40s this morning. very chilly. we have 60 in antioch, 50 at the coast, 57 in oakland, as well as redwood city and 58 in
from the united states and new orleans to the world and i want to give back. >> when the tsunami devastated japan's coast last year, it was these students who returned the favor. fundraising, donating instruments so students they had never met could continue to play on. >> 13,000 homes were destroyed in the city. but it's band never missed a beat. this woman said disaster tore her community apart but new orleans helped unite it. last weekend the high school students in their own intern band traveled to japan to perform with the swing dolphins, playing the very instruments they had exchanged. there were few words. but the beat, the rhythm, spoke a universal language. >> it's not about anyone else, it's about the music. >> a performance inspired by shared heartache, fulfilled by the power of music. abc news, japan. >>> coming up next, you've got mail. the people who made the phrase famous are attempting a big comeback. aol generates a new idea for an old concept. let's take a live look outside. the embarcadero and the bay bridge. kind after mixed bag of weather this weekend. meteor
cannot buy the voters' votes. >> the humane society of the united states got prop 2 passed in 2008 largely on a grass roots effort and now hands have to have more room in their cages. if you want to see a complete list of donors to all the propositions, you can go to our website and click on "see it on tv." nannette miranda, abc7 news. >>> should the rules be changed for auto insurance companies doing business in california? that's the central question voters are being asked with prop 33 and this measure is complex. here's mike finish with what your vote will mean. >> this is harvey. he wrote and shepparded the passage of prop 33. >> he's a smart guy, he's knowledgeable, he's a tough opponent. >> that's the founder and chairman of mercury insurance, george joseph. >> i don't think anything about george joseph, i don't really care about him but anybody who is an enemy of consumers is an enemy of mine. >> these two have been adversaries for decades and the fight has been joined again. this tame over proposition 33 where joseph is the major financial backer. >> prop 33 simply provides
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8